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Tonic Media Network works with Australia’s leading media agencies, so we understand the ups and downs of agency life. It’s our mission to spread quality health and wellbeing awareness throughout Australia, and our media agency partners are no exception.

Agencies are notorious for long hours and tight deadlines and can easily become high-stress environments. So, we thought about how we could help.

We know media agency staffers are pretty switched on when it comes to exercise and nutrition, so we thought we’d share an agency health tip that’s a little more off the beaten path….


Joanna from the Tonic team has been an avid meditator for many years. Check out her MEDITATION GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS blog post, where she shares key recommendations for implementing a daily meditation practice and building your resilience to everyday workplace stress.

Tonic is Australia’s biggest out-of-home health & wellbeing network. We’re twice the size our nearest competitor, offering quality content that engages patients and customers in GP, pharmacy and hospital waiting areas across Australia. Crucially, our network allows for geo-targeted campaigns spanning point-of-care and point-of-sale.

For more information, download a Media Kit from our website or contact our Commercial Team on 02 9281 3222.

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