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Opinion Piece by Commercial Director, Jack Mortlock

It’s fair to say we’re living bigger lifestyles than ever before. The ‘lifestyle category’ takes in more activities now than it ever has. Travel is one example. Health and fitness is another. What not so long ago were relatively niche pursuits have become prominent features of the mainstream lifestyle. It’s time the media industry’s approach to channels caught up. If our lifestyles are becoming more unlimited and diverse, why don’t channel strategies more often reflect that?

Place-based media channels, like airports, gyms and doctors waiting rooms are great examples of media channels that are increasingly finding a new role as our modern lifestyle expands. Pigeonholing an audience based solely on their location is, in my opinion, a short-sighted view of how modern people live their lives. Just because you’re in an airport, doesn’t mean you spend all your time flying about shopping for cars and watches. And just because you’re sick and sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, it doesn’t mean you stop being a normal person.

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