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Written by Joanna Mitchell, Tonic’s Business Communications Manager Agencies are notorious for long hours and tight deadlines and can easily become high-stress environments. In 2016, the Tonic team ran a health initiative across 20 media agencies nationwide, which we called Psych Up.  The lunch and learn sessions were free for media agencies and focused on educating staff about stress, mindfulness and resilience. Matthew Johnstone is a friend and Ambassador of Tonic Media Network and our expert on managing stress. He’s taught the Tonic team a lot about being mindful and how to ensure a good work-life balance. Here are a few wellness habits we’ve adopted at Tonic to keep agency stress at bay. Download a mindfulness app Mindfulness apps are a great way to get into the swing of the day, refocus during a particularly busy period or switch off after work. Some of our favourite apps are Headspace, Insight Timer and The Mindfulness App which offer a mix of guided meditations and relaxing music. Check in with your breathing If you find your breathing is often shallow and frequent, take a moment to focus on 3-5 deep breaths. Doing this will send a message to your brain that it’s ok to relax and rebalance whatever pressures you might be feeling. Have lunch away from your desk Lock the lunch time hour into your diary and use this break to focus on eating mindfully and breathing in some fresh air. This act of self-care will increase your afternoon productivity. Take advantage of any wellness programs on offer Tonic Media Network offers wellbeing programs and initiatives to agency staff for free, so make sure you check out the seasonal Bootcamp training and lunch & learn sessions, which are all part of our Tonic Healthy Living series >> For more info on our Tonic Ambassador, speaker, author and resilience expert Matthew Johnstone, visit his website here >> *Image by Matthew Johnstone