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Cerebral Palsy

Not for Profit organisation CPL was faced with a large challenge, to raise consumer awareness that the CPL service all children with development delays.  CPL also aimed to generate opportunities to book face to face appointments with GP, to receive ongoing GP patient referrals. CPL used both a Tonic DL brochure in the patient waiting rooms, and a Tonic A4 GP information pack.


  • CPL received in spike in prospective client phone calls over the DL brochure display campaign period.
  • The CPL GP Pack included a fax back form, where GPs could request a face to face meeting with a representative from CPL. 7.6% of GPs faxed back this form to arrange a meeting. 64% of the GPs who responded met with a CPL Allied Health Manager.

Why it Matters

GP Information packs can be used to create a relationship with GPs.  A DL brochure in GP waiting rooms can drive phone calls from prospective clients.

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