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Our media engages consumers about health and wellness by providing them with the knowledge and information to achieve their desired health outcomes

At the Point of Care

Tonic Television

Audio & Visual

Australia’s premier health network in GP Clinics & Aboriginal Medical Services, featuring immersive digital OOH platform with video, audio, and captions for informative health and lifestyle content.

Tonic Brochure Board, Digital Panel & DPX

Brochures & Digital Panels

Tonic Brochure Boards offer compact, practical take-home info, alongside engaging digital panels delivering user-friendly content that informs and captivates consumers.

Tonic Pharmacy

High Frequency Digital Panels

Tonic Pharmacy Panels display vivid content in pharmacies with animated and static images, educating and engaging consumers through sponsored and verified health insights at the point of sale.

GP Communications

Information & Resources

Tonic supports GPs and Practice Managers with the latest in health, education, tools, and resources, including Practice Connect, a monthly newsletter, GP packs, and impactful webinars that address vital practice issues in a changing landscape, featuring expert guest speakers and valuable insights.

Tonic Digital TV Screens

Audio and Visual

Situated within GP Clinics & Aboriginal Medical Services, our carefully curated network introduces Tonic Digital TV, an expansive and dynamic digital OOH health platform. Offering full-motion video, captivating audio, and captions, Tonic Digital TV is Australia’s largest health network. Step into a world of captivating health, wellbeing, and lifestyle content, designed to educate, entertain and inform.

Tonic Brochure Boards, including Digital Panels & DPX

Brochures and digital panels

Tonic Brochure Boards, including digital panels or DPX provide comprehensive take-home information the size of a brochure that consumers take home, keeping them engaged at every step of their journey with user-friendly and accessible content.

Tonic Pharmacy Panels

High Frequency digital panels

Tonic Pharmacy Panels bring our crisp and captivating content to life in a retail pharmacy environment. Our high frequency screens showcase a range of engaging animated and static images to empower, educate, and engage consumers at the point of sale through sponsored content, practical pharmacy information, and medically verified health insights

GP Communications

Information & Resources

Tonic provides General Practitioners and Practice Managers with relevant education, information, and tools. We deliver Practice Connect, a monthly email newsletter that provides the most current health news and opinion pieces, as well as GP packs with government information and product samples. GPs and health professionals engage with us in our impactful GP Webinar Series, General Practice in a Rapidly Changing World, where expert guest speakers address critical practice issues, providing invaluable insights. 

tonic education

Check out our Tonic Education work here

Our mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of all Australians by educating and empowering them during their healthcare journey.

Through partnerships with medical professionals, we develop evidence-based content for health education and lifestyle improvement.

Our extensive network spanning 4,400+ locations allows for widespread distribution of health information, setting them us apart as a unique Australian media platform.

Tonic Virtual Waiting Room

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Australia’s go-to resource for independent, clinically verified health information, providing comprehensive articles about conditions, treatments, health and fitness issues and medications.

Brands have the opportunity to position themselves in alignment (and as a leader) of any health and well-being topic and to drive the conversation with the myDr Health Hub; a showcase of seasonal and topical health subjects that drives engagement through the collection of multiple relevant articles onsite.

mydr childhood eczema

Latest myDr Health Update:

Prescription psychedelics explained

The ABC’s Dr Norman Swan discusses what you need to know about an emerging Australian approach to using MDMA and psilocybin in conjunction with specialised psychotherapy for treatment resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and treatment resistant depression.

“This is psychedelic assisted therapy which means the psychedelic is intended to make psychotherapy more effective,” Dr Swan says. “So it’s combined medication and psychotherapy, it’s not prescribe and walk away. It has to go with properly monitored care and the authorised psychiatrists will have to report on their patients on a regular basis.”

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We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, and pay tribute to the wisdom of both past and present Elders.

We celebrate their connection to the land, waters and seas and acknowledge them as the first artists, the first storytellers, the first communities and first creators of our culture.

This land was, is and always will be Aboriginal land.

Aboriginal Health Television Acknowledgement