Health & wellbeing is our passion

What we do

Health and wellbeing is our passion

At Tonic Media Network we have a long standing passion for delivering insightful health and wellbeing information to Australians. We achieve this by actively reducing the knowledge gap between Healthcare Professionals and Australian patients.

We connect with audiences who are actively seeking health advice, delivering evidence based content at point-of-care in waiting rooms nationally. To ensure we achieve this vision, Tonic Media Network is led by medical experts, Dr Norman Swan, and Mr Richard Silverton, CEO.

We’re Australia’s largest health media network and connect with more people in the health and wellbeing market than any other media.

How do we do it?

Leveraging the Consumer’s Health Care Journey.

We have carefully studied consumers’ health care journeys and how we could best engage with them while they are in a receptive mindset. Our assets are strategically placed to ensure we reach them at every touchpoint of their health care journey.


Online | Healthline | MedicalNewsToday

By utilising credible websites specifically designed for consumers’  health & wellbeing, we reach Australians when they are searching for health information on the Internet

GP waiting rooms

GP waiting rooms

Our recent study showed that 94% of Australians trust the advertisements they see in GP practices

With a high dwell time of 30 minutes (on average), we educate Australians in this trusted environment by using Digital Screen TV, Digital Panels and Print Brochure panels.



#1 Action consumers take after a GP appointment is either visiting a pharmacy or grocery store

We’re the last screen consumers will see before they make any pharmaceutical product purchase / grocery shopping. With our assets ideally located, we can help you educate your target audience.

We educate Australians with credible health & wellbeing content

Communicating accurate health & wellbeing information is important, and we take strict measures to ensure we deliver helpful, quality health content.

Verified content: All of our content is reviewed and verified by medical professionals.
Carefully selected content: Relevant and informative content from our industry professionals.
Healthy environment: All content adheres to our strict ethical and legal standards.
Dr Norman Swan (co-founder / executive director): Our health & medical content is led by Dr Norman Swan who
ensures all content adheres to our strict guidelines.

Health & Medical

All medical content meets our high standards, and passes our internal reviews. This content informs, engages and educates our audiences on topical and relevant medical matters.


Our lifestyle content is a mixture of home and lifestyle, cooking and travel. We provide inspiration to our audience while maintaining rich, healthy content.


From yoga to mindfulness, our wellness section is made up of ways to relax, calm and remove the stress from your life.


A variety of art & craft and educational content, designed to be sensory and visually appealing to engage with our youngest viewers.

News & Weather

Current news and weather updates from the ABC. We engage our audience with important news and weather updates.

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