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Our Audience

Engage a health-conscious audience with evidence-based, brand-safe content. Build authentic connections and empower informed choices for their health and wellbeing.

Our audience embodies a vibrant and proactive community, their health journey thrives on proactivity and positivity. These individuals aren’t just patients, they’re health enthusiasts and believe in prevention over cure.

92% of people in general practice waiting rooms are well.

37% seek medical insights for diagnoses, while an even higher 61% consult healthcare providers for routine health and wellbeing. This audience isn’t confined by sickness; they’re defined by their proactive approach.

With backgrounds ranging from dedicated professionals (27%) to ambitious students (13%), and public service workers (9%), our audience is dynamic, diverse, and health-focused. 81% of Australians visiting their doctor monthly share the belief that prioritising the health of themselves and their families is crucial.

Source: Tonic Media 2023 In-Practice Survey One n=2,434

We Reach an Engaged Audience

Tonic Media Network Audience - Women
Tonic Media Network Audience - Families
Tonic Media Network Audience - Expectant Mothers
Tonic Media Network Audience - First Nations
Tonic Media Network Audience - CALD
Tonic Media Network Audience - Boomers

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

We utilise audience hypertargeting to deliver targeted messaging towards culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

This information is delivered in trusted environments to the right people at the right time in their languages.

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We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, and pay tribute to the wisdom of both past and present Elders.

We celebrate their connection to the land, waters and seas and acknowledge them as the first artists, the first storytellers, the first communities and first creators of our culture.

This land was, is and always will be Aboriginal land.

Aboriginal Health Television Acknowledgement