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Tonic can offer a variety of insights on the diverse Australian audience to guide your strategy and expand your business, from industry trends to research and white papers.

Our Audience

We connect with an audience who are actively seeking health advice in trusted, healthcare environments. 


71% of our audience are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and best friends.

Young Families

51% of our audience have a household of children.

Expectant Mothers

36% of our female audience are expecting mums or have recently had a child*.

Main Grocery Buyers

65% of people who visit doctors each month are the main grocery buyers.

High Income Earners

We connect with 31% of our audience who are high household income earners of $100k+.

Health Enthusiasts

Almost 2 in 3 of our audience visit the GP to improve their health and wellbeing.


More than 1 in 2 people aged 55+ make frequent visits to the GP (at least 4 times a year).

Weight Watchers

55% of people who visit doctors monthly agree they are “trying to lose weight at the moment”.

CALD: 2.9M each month

With more than 28% of the population now born OS, we engage with culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse groups in our trusted environments

First Nations: 502,000

AHTV, dedicated to First Nations people, a network of 233 screens inside ACCHO’s, in urban, regional and remote communities.

BOOMERS: 4M each month

The biggest spenders in our consumer economy, this aging demographic is more likely to visit their GP more frequently than the average Australian.

Regional: 4M each month

COVID-19 sparked an exodus from the city to regional Australia, latest ABS data showing highest net migration ever

Audience Diversity

We connect with all Australians, including Indigenous, culturally diverse, regional & remote communities.

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We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, and pay tribute to the wisdom of both past and present Elders.

We celebrate their connection to the land, waters and seas and acknowledge them as the first artists, the first storytellers, the first communities and first creators of our culture.

This land was, is and always will be Aboriginal land.

Aboriginal Health Television Acknowledgement