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Welcome To Australia’s Largest Health & Wellbeing Network

Our mission is to improve health outcomes for all Australians by bringing trusted, clinically verified education and information into your waiting room.

Tonic Digital TV

Tonic Digital TV offers an educational and engaging experience in the waiting room for your patients. We are proud to deliver clinically verified health and wellness advice, ABC news, weather, and lifestyle content.

Tonic Brochure Board

Tonic Brochure Boards display the latest health information for your patients, their carers and their families. Brochures are available to take home in hard copy, or can be downloaded via QR code.

Tonic Digital Panel

Tonic Digital Panels complement Tonic Brochure Boards, offering engaging, practical health and wellbeing content, vital government health messaging and the latest ABC news and weather updates.

On-Screen Practice Promotions 

Tonic screens offer you a powerful way to communicate  with your patients. We create bespoke content for your practice, promoting your services, billing structure, personnel, opening times and other initiatives.

Practice Communications

Tonic produces a monthly online newsletter with the latest health news and opinion pieces. We also deliver regular GP packs containing information from government departments, new product samples and brand updates relevant to your practice.

GP Resources

We deliver a range of relevant education, information and useful tools for General Practitioners and Practice Managers.

Tonic Media Network’s products support your practice to meet the

RACGP Standard for General Practice Accreditation.

About Tonic

Founded by doctors with the goal of minimising time pressure placed on General Practice and improving health literacy for all Australians, Tonic provides high quality, clinically verified health and wellbeing content at the point of care, when people are most receptive.

After viewing our programming, 70% of patients report that they have undertaken positive health actions, including a more informed conversation with their doctor.

Today, over 5,300 practices have partnered with Tonic to help support patients to improve their health outcomes.

The Benefits of Partnering with Tonic Media Network

We offer health-focused TV programming, brochure boards and digital panels to deliver health content you, and your patients can trust.

For Your Practice
  • Professional installation in consultation with you and your practice
  • Increase revenue by raising awareness of your additional services on screen
  • Communicate vital practice initiatives and services to patients in your waiting room
  • Dedicated customer care specialists
  • APRA licensing covered
  • Tonic’s sponsor-funded model allows us to offer our products at no cost to eligible practices
  • Our health advice supports accreditation for your practice
For Your Patients
  • Engage, entertain and educate your patients while they wait
  • Showcasing a carefully curated selection of health and lifestyle content, news and sponsored updates
  • Evidence-based advice improves health literacy and activates patients to have more informed conversations with their GP

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