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Enrich your general practice waiting room environment with a Tonic Digital TV Screen, Tonic Digital Panel, or Tonic Brochure Board. By integrating Tonic Media Network’s educational, engaging and clinically verified health and wellness content, you can create a dynamic environment that educates your patients while also supporting your practice to meet the needs of RACGP Standard for General Practice Accreditation.

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Tonic Digital TV Screen

Tonic Media Network’s full sight and sound Digital TV Screens serve as a powerful tool to help you meet CPD accreditation standards for health promotion and preventive activities through our content while effectively promoting your practice’s services. Through partnering with our network, you can customise the information displayed on the screens such as Doctor availability and practice opening hours, ensuring that patients receive relevant and engaging information about your practice’s offerings.

Standard TV size is 43”. Smaller or larger screens may be installed dependent on waiting room size. Contract term may be defined by the size selected.

Tonic Digital Panel

Tonic Media Network’s Digital Panel enhances the Brochure Board with static and animated content and serves as a powerful tool to help you meet CPD accreditation standards for health promotion and preventive activities.

New enlarged screen coming 2023. Digital Panels are only available to be installed on Brochure Boards located on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.

Tonic Brochure Board

Tonic Media Network’s Brochure Board contains pamphlets with an A3 poster slot or a Digital Panel containing highly engaging information in a portable size for patients to read and take home at their discretion. Brochure Boards have the ability to help you meet CPD accreditation standards for health promotion and preventive activities through the content available.

Having a Brochure Board in your waiting room ensures your practice unlocks the ability to receive exclusive GP Sample Packs from our commercial partners.