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General Practice in a Rapidly Changing World

An Exclusive Webinar Series for GPs

Our Exclusive GP Webinar Series, General Practice in a Rapidly Changing World, focuses on critical issues facing General Practice and GPs today.

Each instalment features a panel of guest speakers who participate in interactive discussions, share their expertise on the topic at hand, and offer an extensive knowledge base that is second to none.

Whether you’re on-the-go, at the gym, or just stuck in traffic, you can now access our GP Webinars wherever you are! Simply listen to our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, or any other major streaming platform.

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Why GPs are integral to increasing organ donation

This webinar discusses why general practitioners are integral to increasing organ donation rates in Australia. Hosted by Dr Norman Swan, this session has been designed to equip GPs with the tools to have effective conversations with patients about organ donation. In partnership with the Organ Tissue Authority | Register as a donor


Dr Norman Swan in Conversation with Hon. Mark Butler MP

Join Dr Norman Swan and The Hon. Mark Butler MP, Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, as they discuss the most critical issues facing general practice and healthcare today, including MyMedicare, tripling of the BBI ahead of 1 November, the health implications of The Voice Referendum and the latest updates on the aged care agenda.


New Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease are almost upon us – How do they change general practice?

The new antibody treatments for Alzheimer’s have been described as game changers, but are they really? We discuss the latest advances in Alzheimer’s treatment with some of the leading experts in the field in this webinar.


What the Federal Budget Means for General Practice

Multi-award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Dr Norman Swan, and Hon. Mark Butler MP, Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, in an exclusive interview and Q&A.


Get Ahead of the Curve

The biggest changes in General Practice in decades are about to occur. This webinar explores ways Practices can act now to be better prepared, and maybe even put themselves ahead of the game.


How General Practice Can Save the Health System

Ambulance ramping, ED block, waiting lists blowing out – the headlines are all about hospitals when many of the solutions are outside in general practice.


Mark Butler & the future of General Practice

What can GPs expect from the new Federal Government


Separating Fact from Fiction

The evolving clinical challenge of Long COVID


Early Diagnosis of Dementia… Why Bother?

An Important Conversation on the Value of Early Diagnosis, Management, and Pathways