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Sydney IVF

Sydney IVF wished to engage couples with fertility problems, in specific geographic areas using DL Brochures in Tonic’s GP waiting rooms. They hoped to achieve 3 outcomes.

  1. To encourage visits to the Sydney IVF website.
  2. To drive an uplift in requests for and readership of their “Guide to Assisted Conception” book.
  3. To promote appointments with their IVF specialist doctors.    The campaign used a DL brochure in specific geographically targeted Medical Centre waiting rooms.


  • There was an immediate increase in hits to the Sydney IVF website, coinciding with Tonic campaign dates
  • Sydney IVF saw a 50% increase in requests for their book “Guide to Assisted Conception”. 1 in 5 people who received the book, become a Sydney IVF patient.

Why it Matters

DL brochures in GP waiting rooms can drive traffic to a specific website, and ultimately create more end user customers.