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Sydney IVF


Sydney IVF wished to engage couples with fertility problems, in specific geographic areas using DL Brochures in Tonic’s GP waiting rooms. They hoped to achieve 3 outcomes.

  • To encourage visits to the Sydney IVF website.
  • To drive an uplift in requests for and readership of their “Guide to Assisted Conception” book.
  • To promote appointments with their IVF specialist doctors.

The campaign used a DL brochure in specific geographically targeted Medical Centre waiting rooms.


  • There was an immediate increase in hits to the Sydney IVF website, coinciding with Tonic campaign dates
  • Sydney IVF saw a 50% increase in requests for their book “Guide to Assisted Conception”.
  • 1 in 5 people who received the book, become a Sydney IVF patient.

Why it matters

DL brochures in GP waiting rooms can drive traffic to a specific website, and ultimately create more end user customers.

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