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The announcement:

Tonic Media Network today announced their recently acquired INFO-MED practice network, featured in over 3500 doctors surgeries and 80 hospitals nationwide, will be incorporated into the Tonic Media Network network effective from August.

Reconciling the two brands is the first in a number of moves Tonic Media Network is taking to consolidate and diversify its commanding market position.

Since acquiring INFO-MED in September last year, Tonic Media Network has been operating the two brands alongside one another, creating Australia’s biggest health media network. Tonic Health TV and INFO-MED Brochure Boards span across key doctors’ surgeries and hospitals in over 3500 locations across the country.

Tonic’s Commercial Director, Jack Mortlock says unifying the brands takes an already formidable network of media assets and transforms them into a more cohesive, integrated proposition for brand and product marketing.

“Running across print brochures and digital screens, the newly expanded Tonic Media Network is now the largest and most influential place-based, health media network in Australia. We’re thrilled to introduce the Tonic brand into more surgeries and hospitals around the country, and we look forward to continuing our mission to bridge the gap between patients and quality medical advice.”

“Our network has a captive audience in a highly contextual environment. 10 million Australians interact with one of our assets every month, and from our research, we know the average dwell time in a doctor’s surgery is 35 minutes. With figures like these, we’re confident that a more singular brand experience for consumers will only enhance the positive impact of our network,” Mortlock continued.

Tonic Media Network MD Dr Matthew Cullen says unifying the Tonic and INFO-MED brands creates an unrivalled platform for promoting health literacy within the primary care setting, when patients are most attentive to their health and lifestyle needs.

“There is a strong marriage of values and vision between the two organisations, and together Tonic Media Network presents a superior value proposition to our Medical Practices and their patients, as a result of a multichannel approach,” said Dr Cullen. “Presenting a united brand to patients and practices is the first in a number of plans for Tonic, aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare.”

Source: Bold Media press release