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Early Diagnosis of Dementia… Why Bother?

An Important Conversation on the Value of Early Diagnosis, Management, and Pathways

Dementia puts enormous strains on people living with declining cognitive function, their families, carers, and their GPs. There’s a degree of scepticism about the value of early diagnosis given there are no effective medications; but in fact making the diagnosis as early as possible has enormous value and there are interventions, management options, pathways and sources of support which make a difference.

Dr Norman Swan opens up this very important conversation with world authority on dementia, Professor Henry Brodaty, Dementia Australia’s Dr Kaele Stokes, Dr Stephanie Daly, a GP with a strong interest in the disease, and Dr Sue Harrison, a Rural GP with a personal interest in early diagnosis and optimal management. The panel is also joined by Bobby Redman, a retired psychologist diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia in 2015, committed to awareness and advocating for those living with dementia.

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Short on time?

We have prepared a 5 minute webinar soundbite that highlights the key insights shared by our expert panel.