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MEDIA RELEASE: JULY 2018: As part of the week-long push to get more people registered on the Australian Organ Donor Register, DonateLife has joined forces with Australia’s leading health media network Tonic Media Network to bring the organ and tissue donation message to millions of Australians.

Australians are urged to wait no longer to register as organ and tissue donors this DonateLife Week (29 July – 5 August 2018). The collaboration will see DonateLife posters and video content promoted in more than 1,650 GP clinic waiting rooms and 300 pharmacies across the country from now until the end of October.

Ken Wyatt AM, the Minister responsible for DonateLife and the Australian Organ and Tissue Transplantation Authority, said the alliance – supported by a range of community engagement activities taking place during DonateLife Week – would help close the gap between the number of Australians willing to become organ and tissue donors, and the number of people who have registered their decision.

DonateLife Week Launch: Ken Wyatt AM (3rd from right) the Minister responsible for DonateLife and the Australian Organ and Tissue Transplantation Authority at the launch in Perth, WA on Friday with attendees including Tonic Media Network Executive Ben Eames (2nd from right).

“While 81% of Australians believe that registering their donation decision is important, only 34% have joined the Australian Organ Donor Register,” Minister Wyatt said.

“We know that registration has a direct impact on donation rates, with nine in ten families agreeing to donation when their loved one is registered to be an organ donor,” Minister Wyatt added.

Tonic Media Network CEO Dr Matthew Cullen said the organisation was proud to be supporting DonateLife in continuing to improve organ and tissue donation outcomes in Australia.

“Keeping organ and tissue donation front of mind, especially in healthcare environments, will spark Australians to have important conversations and eventuate in many lives being improved and saved,” Dr Cullen said.

“These conversations will not only lead to people making decisions now about registering, but also provide families with peace of mind knowing what their loved one’s intentions were in relation to organ and tissue donation,” Dr Cullen added.

With 1,400 Australians currently waitlisted for a life-saving transplant and a further 11,000 on dialysis, Minster Wyatt urged Australians to make their decision count this DonateLife Week by joining the Australian Organ Donor Register and telling their loved ones they want to be a donor.

“So, the question I’m asking Australians is: What are you waiting for? Register today,” Minister Wyatt said.

“You can register online in less than a minute at – all you need is your Medicare Card number,” Minister Wyatt added.

DonateLife Week is part of the Australian Government’s national program to increase organ and tissue donation and improve transplantation outcomes.

To join the Australian Organ Donor Register or to find out how you can support DonateLife Week in your local area, visit